First world problems

My phone is so slow.
I am starving.
My computer is so annoying.
I need a new outfit.
My house is freezing.

I hate to even think about how many things I allow to come out of my mouth that are completely ridiculously bratty. Just plain bratty. I have a phone. I have food whenever I want it. I have a computer. I have tons of clothes. I have a house.

The bottom line is, I am ungrateful. I forget what I have and I focus on what I don’t have. It is what comes natural to me, and going against that takes thought. It takes work. It takes effort.

And that is what I am trying to do today. Not because it’s November, and suddenly people think they have to be thankful. But just because I am supposed to be content with what I have. period. So what things are you complaining about that are simply first world problems?

Maybe you should just be thankful for what you have.



4 thoughts on “First world problems

  1. I say the phrase “first world problem” to my kids often enough that I’m afraid it may lose meaning – unless, of course, we take them to a third world country.
    Be thankful for what you already have – YES. And not just in November, please.


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