Mommy Monday ~ 3 Simple ways to stop letting pinterest control you.

I know that pinterest boards aren’t reality. But I also know that I can so easily find myself looking at all the perfectly decorated rooms, the delicious and healthy snacks that moms are making for their kids and the perfect bodies of moms who have just completed their 23rd triathlon, and it leaves me feeling messy, unhealthy, lazy and fat.

It’s just the truth. And I think it’s pretty safe to say that many of you have been in that same exact place. It doesn’t feel good, and let’s be honest – it doesn’t do anyone any good. Typically it doesn’t inspire me to throw on my beautiful, vintage apron, put on my bright red lipstick, and dance around the kitchen with Bing singing in the background while I make the world’s best dinner. It only makes me wonder why Ry just doesn’t like vegetables, why I can’t seem to ever get caught up with my laundry and why after completing the whole 30 diet, I am now making up for lost time with all the sugar, grains and dairy you can eat.

Other than just staying off the computer all together, I thought I would throw out 3 simple ways to stop letting pinterest control you.

1. Get a handle on reality.
Understand that the pictures you see are not reality. They are pictures. And if someone has it all together in one area, they are probably losing it in another. But seriously, we all have our strengths and our weaknesses. People don’t normally display their weaknesses, so they have a good time showing their strengths. You have strengths too. Celebrate those!

3. Unfollow boards.
The nice thing about pinterest, is no one has to know if you unfollow a board or two, and it doesn’t have to be anything personal. Know yourself well enough to know the things you can’t handle. If you are constantly finding yourself being discontent with what you have, stop focusing on the things that you can’t have. It’s that simple! It’s a simple click, click, click. Go do it.

3. Pick one area of your house and really make it shine.
Maybe you don’t have an enormous great room, or a formal living room. That doesn’t mean you can’t take a small space and decorate it exactly how you want. I do live in a big house now, but for the first 14 years of our marriage, we lived in very tight spaces. I found that having one room, one corner, one wall that made you happy was all you needed. You can do a lot with a gallon of paint, some picture frames from a thrift store, or even a candle. Make that one space your space. Then go and pin it. ha!

You might be asking why this is posted under a Mommy Monday post. The bottom line is this: We need to guard our heart. I think it’s easy to get so busy mindlessly scrolling through pictures that we don’t even realize what it might be doing to our heart.

Whatever is in our hearts is what comes out of our mouths.

Do you think that affects the way we parent our children? I do. We need to be careful we are not letting pinterest, other people, our businesses, our hobbies, our mindless activities affect our hearts. Because that will affect our kids. Guard your heart.


2 thoughts on “Mommy Monday ~ 3 Simple ways to stop letting pinterest control you.

  1. This is sooo perfect. And soo important!! I know I easily fall into this trap, and you’re right sometimes not even realizing it. If we gradually let discontentment creep in, we are in danger. It’s a gradual and slow process most of the time. Thank you for this great reminder. And ultimately to guard our heart!


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