Engagement Session at Crane Estate

I met Rebecca at Starbucks and we were pretty much friends instantly. She sat across from me and told me about the love of her life, and I decided I liked her right away. She booked me for an engagement session and told me to meet her at Crane Estate. I knew nothing of this place, but after spending an hour there, I would be happy to just move my entire business there.

It. is gorgeous.

I met her fiancĂ©, and found out we were both obsessed with the patriots. Perfect. We had so much fun that it hardly felt like I was even working. It just felt like a few friends hanging out on a beautiful night at a beautiful location. They were absolutely perfect models for me, and I hardly had to even tell them how to pose…they were naturals.

Here are a few of the million favorites I have from their session!

2014-11-06_0002 2014-11-06_00032014-11-06_0010 2014-11-06_0011

2014-11-06_0014 2014-11-06_0015 2014-11-06_0013 2014-11-06_0009 2014-11-06_0004 2014-11-06_0005 2014-11-06_0006 2014-11-06_0007 2014-11-06_0001


Zach and Becca, I honestly love you guys already and can hardly wait for your wedding.


3 thoughts on “Engagement Session at Crane Estate

  1. Seriously???!!! These cannot BE more perfect!!!! Beautiful couple and the location is amazing!!!! These are so perfect and so sweet!!! Love love love.


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