Mommy Monday ~ Teaching your kids to show respect

I’m partly crazy-town and partly old-school. The crazy-town in me allows for some pretty weird conversations that are only allowed to continue when we all sing our words. Ya…walking in on that one might throw people for a loop.

The old-school in me allows for no fooling around when it comes to how my boys show respect.

I have noticed over the past couple of years, the increasing number of kids who call adults by their first name.

Maybe that’s not a big deal to you, but there is something inside me that cringes every single time I hear it.

The problem, you ask? Well…the problem to me, is the simple fact that a lot of kids (and teenagers) have this idea that they are entitled. That they deserve to get anything they want. That they are on the same playing field as every other person.

Here’s my beef with that attitude. It just ain’t right. Plain and simple.

When kids walk up to an adult and assume that they are on the same playing field as them, it changes things. It changes their tone, it changes their attitude and it changes their expectations.

I believe that adults are to be shown respect and honor even when they may not “deserve” it.

Showing respect demonstrates humility.

Humility is such a rare trait now a days, that it really sets kids apart. Something as simple as referring to an adult as Mr. or Mrs. or even Miss and then their first name is a really easy way to show humility. It is good for our kids to practice doing things that are respectful and honoring of other people.

A general rule of thumb for us is, if the person you are addressing is old enough to be your parent, call them Mr. or Mrs. Adam and I use the same rule! There are people I have known for a long time who I still call “Aunt” or “Uncle” or Mr. or Mrs. It’s just showing respect. It’s acknowledging the fact that the person is older than me, and I have a lot I could learn from them.

Simple stuff. It’s the simple things that sets you and your kids apart. It’s the simple things that reminds your kids of the fact that elders are to be treated with respect. It’s the simple things that is going to make a big difference in the bigger things.

Do the simple things.


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