Mommy Monday ~ parenting is wicked hard

When your kids are babies or toddlers your days are spent changing diapers, filling sippy cups, and getting very little sleep. It is totally and completely physically exhausting.

You know what I mean: It’s late afternoon. Nap time is over and you feel like you’re barely hanging on. Some days, you’re looking at the clock every 10 minutes and wondering if there’s any possible way you can pull of a 5:30 bed time!

When kids get older, parenting changes in a lot of ways. And in some ways, it’s easier. In other ways? It’s harder.

This morning, I had in mind what my day was going to look like. I had a list of things I had to do for the porch. I had a list of things I had to do for my business. I had a list of things I had to do around the house. I had a list of things I had to do for the boys school. I also had a few things I had to do just for my friends.

Before I could even start on list number 1? I found myself sitting on the couch with one of my boys having a deep, emotional talk. I tried to not keep looking at the clock, because the truth of the matter is: my boys have to come before any of the lists I just mentioned.

Here I was. With a decision to make. The easy choice? Tell him he’s fine and to move on and then go on with my lists.

The harder choice? Was to sit quietly and listen to everything he had to say. Then give godly advice that would help him get through these issues.

Dudes. Parenting is wicked hard.

Raising older kids is not as physically tiring but it is much more emotionally tiring.

It’s one hard thing. After another hard thing. After another hard thing.

And it’s tiring.

But it’s so rewarding. The way I go through issues with the boys is not a guessing game. It always goes back to the Bible. Always. It’s teaching them how to deal with a brother, which gives practice with on how they need to deal with coaches, teachers, other kids, refs, and on and on.

It’s the hard work now that pays off later when I see them handle a situation the right way on their own.  And even though I got only ONE (yes, you read that right…ONE) thing done on my lists combined…I had a good talk with my boy that is going to encourage him and bring him the validation he needs.

So was it the day I had planned? Not even close.

But was it a day doing the best thing I could do? Absolutely.

Lists can wait. Relationships are what really matter.


5 thoughts on “Mommy Monday ~ parenting is wicked hard

  1. Yes. It. Is. Yes and amen. And the raising older kids part is so true. Diapers and sleep deprivation was hard. But yes, the emotional issues are SUPER hard to navigate. Good job mama!


  2. BINGO! you said it perfectly Rachelle… and I have realized more and more over the years the reason God convicted me to homeschooll certainly wasn’t because I was going to give my kids an amazing education,(HA!) but it gave ME the blessed opportunity to have time with them and discussions I never would have otherwise thought of, or even noticed the need for, or perhaps not even would have taken the time for ’cause I would have been SO selfishly into ‘ME mode’ if my kids had gone to public school. I had a ‘it was all worth it’ thankful moment this morning as child #1 went off to the second day of ‘college’ and she said “I am so glad I was homeschooled after seeing all those other girls yesterday and how they act and talk…’ THANK YOU LORD!!
    Yah, it’s all about dying to self and my agenda… but I wouldn’t do it any differently…well, not much anyway! ;-D



  3. Funny I’m just reading this now. Quite the appropriate day!;) thanks for the encouragement. Keep up the good work with your boys!!! It is paying off. And your intentional approach is showing, through them.


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