New Hampshire Senior Photography ~ Rachel

I have said it before, I will said it again. I love senior photography! I have shot a lot of senior photos at Rye Beach this year, but Rachel wanted her senior portraits done in a more woodsy-type area. So we headed over to Wason Pond in Chester on a beautiful day last week. The setting could not have been more perfect!

Rachel is incredibly sweet, so beautiful, and was so much fun to work with. Here are some of my favorites!

2014-10-23_0010 2014-10-23_0009 2014-10-23_0008 2014-10-23_0006 2014-10-23_0005This is one of my all time favorites. She is just stunning.

2014-10-23_0004 2014-10-23_0003 2014-10-23_0002 2014-10-23_0001I hope you have an amazing senior year, Rachel!


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