A cassette tape of my wedding

I was looking for something in the upstairs of my barn the other day and stumbled across this old cassette tape.

It had a white label that said Wedding Ceremony. Adam and Rachelle Chase. June 12, 1999.


If you ever want to hear the ridiculous things that surrounded my wedding day, let’s have coffee together. You’ll love it.

Let me just give you one. little. thing. The man who was videoing our wedding, put himself in full view of everything on the stage for the entire wedding, only to find out after the wedding was over that he had forgotten to hit record. Yep. And that’s just the beginning.

Anyways, we have been married for 15 years, and as I put the tape in the tape deck, I was surprised to find myself getting emotional. I heard our little teen-sounding voices promising to love each other through good times and bad. I heard my dad talk about how he was excited to think about the generations of strong believers we had come from, and then the way we would pass things on to our own future kids.

And here we are. In that future. Having loved each other through good times and bad. Raising these future kids who are now our precious AJ and Riley. Watching the amazing things that God has done in us and through us.

In a world where marriage vows are for anyone and everyone. Where those vows can be kept, or not.

I am so grateful for a reminder of where we were in life 15 years ago, and where we are today.

Here is where I would normally place a picture of me and my love on our wedding day. But unfortunately I have never framed a single picture of our wedding day since I don’t like any of the pictures. My hair was all wrong, his hair cut bad, my dress not even close to what I had envisioned, the wrong verse on the wall, the video not working, the pictures coming out the way they did, and on and on the list goes for things that went wrong.

But my marriage? My marriage doesn’t depend on the right flowers or the right pictures. It depends on me keeping my promise to be faithful to him. And on him keeping his promise to be faithful to me. And on us both promising that we will keep God at the center of it all to help us get through those really tough times.

Weddings are important. But marriages are what really matter. And my marriage is getting stronger and stronger every day.


2 thoughts on “A cassette tape of my wedding

  1. I want to have coffee ASAP and listen to this tape. I’m so serious. In the meantime, I am thankful for the example you are of a Godly Gospel-centered live-giving marriage. Love you.


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