Beautiful Fall Wedding ~ Bradford, Massachusetts

Meaghan and Dan got married on a beautiful fall afternoon. The weather was perfect and everything went exactly as planned.





If I could go back and change some things about my own wedding, I would definitely do a first look. Being able to see each other alone before the biggest day of your life is so perfect. I love watching how the bride calms right down, the groom relaxes and the rest of the day goes so smoothly. It is just beautiful. 2014-10-10_0002


2014-10-10_0005 2014-10-10_0006




2014-10-10_00362014-10-10_00372014-10-10_0031 2014-10-10_0022 2014-10-10_0028 2014-10-10_0029Congratulations to a beautiful couple. It was such an honor to be a part of such a God-honoring and beautiful day.


3 thoughts on “Beautiful Fall Wedding ~ Bradford, Massachusetts

  1. Rachelle,
    Great pictures!
    Would you mind if I linked this post to our website, to give others a feel as to what a wedding at FCC could look like?
    Also, I see you are available to speak at events. How about at churches? I think our women, young and young at heart, would benefit greatly to be reminded of the gospel from a woman addicted to the grace of God! Look forward to touching base.
    Pastor Danny


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