Tuesday confessions

So my good friend Beth has been doing 31 days of confessions. I think it’s kind of fun to see what people think is confession-worthy. A confession for you might be just a normal every day occurrence for me! But it’s always kind of fun to see things on the internet that are real. And I don’t mean a picture claiming to show the mess that is “real”. Like, a picture is a picture. It may evoke emotion but it doesn’t actually ever show exactly what life is truly like. I want to see real, crazy- town. That way I get reminded that I’m not the only one!

So I’m not doing 31 days of it, but I thought I’d give some of my very own confessions.


1. Unlike many people, I have to wash my hair every day.

2. I love watching gymnastics and used to dream of being in the Olympics.

3. My favorite movie is Nadia. Go ahead…google it. No one’s ever heard of it.

4. Camping is not for me.

5. I hate drinking my calories. I rarely drink soda.

6. I love staying up late and don’t enjoy getting up early.

7. I love watching tv.

8. I don’t like talking on the phone. Text me please!!

9. I like dunking my Oreos in hot water. Don’t judge.

10. Dusting ain’t my thang.

11. Spiders don’t really scare me.

12. I talk to myself a lot.

13. I’m obsessed with tweezing my eyebrows.

14. I’ve eaten more eggs this week than I have in my whole life combined.

15. I’m petrified of the dentist.


There you have it. 15 confessions. And ya know what? It felt kinda good!



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