God’s plans aren’t logical

Have you ever thought about what your plans look like and what God’s plans look like?

Looking back into the Old Testament we can see that things were planned out a little bit differently than we would have planned them.

First there’s Gideon. He was about to go up against a huge army. He had 32,000 men ready to go to war.

What would my plans have been? Maybe take those 32,000 and send them to Cross fit for a few weeks. Get them all pumped up and ready to fight, then go in and win.

What was God’s plan?  God says…Dude. You got too many men, yo! You gotta get rid of some of them. So he knocks it down to three-measely-hundred! But guess what? They won, Because God’s plans aren’t logical but they are always best.

Then there’s Joshua. He was told to go and take over the unbreakable city of Jericho.

My plans? May have looked like getting as many people, as many weapons, as much ammunition as I could and then go and blow it up.

God’s plan? Talk a walk…literally. Go get yo-self a marching band and just see what happens. What did happen, you ask? They took it over, obv. Because God’s plans aren’t logical but they are always best.

Story after story after story. Time and time again. The seemingly illogical plan is the plan God uses.

I see how things are in my own life. I like to plan things out. I like for things to make sense to me.

I like the idea of Adam having a secure job that guarantees a paycheck every week.

God’s plan? Stop the job you have and start working full time for The Porch, even though The Porch isn’t even fully supported! It doesn’t make sense, really. But sometimes I have to start looking at the most illogical option? And go with that one. Because it is probably God’s plan.

It doesn’t make sense, people. It just doesn’t make sense. So many things that I do just plain don’t make sense, but I have to trust that God knows what He’s doing, even when I don’t.

God made it clear to both Adam and myself that what he was supposed to do was stop his current job and start working for The Porch. This first week with his new job has been absolutely amazing. I have no doubt. No fear, that we are exactly where God wants us to be. We are moving forward with bigger plans and dreams with this ministry than ever before. And I just know that God and his illogical plans are going to be incredible. They always are.

Because God’s plans aren’t logical but they are always best.



2 thoughts on “God’s plans aren’t logical

  1. Yes!! Love this. Praying for you guys as you trust God even when it’s not logical or might not make sense. Knowing his plans are always the best!!!


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