Sometimes I eat healthy

Sometimes I eat healthy. But usually I don’t.

I love me some sugar, and I can think of just about any excuse to eat it.

But every once in a while, I do enjoy healthy foods. Sometimes, I even get really fancy and make my own healthy foods. And when I do, I kind of feel like I deserve a medal or something. So here is what I did today…I made my own salad dressing. Ha…I know you were expecting something really impressive, but just go with it.

I made no measurements, and just dumped stuff in a bowl.

My ingredients:

*Balsamic vinegar

*Extra virgin olive oil


*Fresh garlic


I was super surprised at how tasty it was! I made a salad of just romaine lettuce, turkey, tomatoes, and avocado (I wish I had nuts) and added my delicious dressing and felt like a real champ. You know you want to pin this recipe right now!


Sometimes? When I get bored cooking (it is NOT my favorite thing to do) I just say real loudly –

“Three minutes chefs! Threeeeee minutes remaining!” And then I pretend I am about to present my dish to the judges who will rant and rave about how beautifully the flavors all complement each other and hand me my winnings of 50,000 dollars! But seriously…you should try that when you get bored… So much fun!

And there it is. My one healthy lunch. Please stay tuned for my lunch that consists of brownies from a box and chocolate chocolate chip ice cream with chocolate sauce on top.

Sometimes I eat healthy. But usually I don’t.


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