A tree, a branch and a moron

I am a visual learner. I need to see things in front of my face…and even then sometimes I don’t get it.

In the morning, I sit in the sun room and read my Bible. To be totally transparent, there are days when I have already been on my computer for longer than I should have been, and have already done housework and other things, leaving me with less time than I really need to spend time with God. I rush through my reading, focus on a few things to pray for and go on with my day.

Today, I decided to read John 15. God had already been speaking to me about a few different things that had to do with this passage, ย and I know my tendencies to do everything on my own. A horrible habit, and actually… since we’re keeping it real here – It is just plain sin.

So I read. I read the passage about the fact that Jesus is calling himself the Vine. (I love how He taught to the visual learner!) He is giving me a mental picture about what my life should look like. What does a branch that has been taken away from the vine look like? Well sure, it lasts for al little while. Maybe serves the purpose of decorating a mantle, or a door and then eventually it dies. Why? Because its life-giving source is no longer attached.

Here it is. Jesus is that tree pictured below. The branches? They are us. You and me. (I am the crazy one flapping around in the wind, I’m just sure of it.) and when I stay right there, attached to the tree where I belong, I look beautiful. I grow. I change the colors of my leaves, and I serve a purpose. When I get broken off from the tree and get all I’m-the-boss-of-me-ish? I get dried up and ugly. And the stupid part is? It’s like I get surprised when I am all dried up and ugly!! I’m all, say what? And, why is this happening to me?! Why do I do that? I know about the tree. I know about the branch. I know that Jesus says apart from me you can do nothing. But yet I throw myself off the everloving life source, and go parading around the town. Sometimes even justifying my parading in the name of the vine. Psh. As if.

Just knowing is not enough.ย 

So the tree. It is Jesus. The source of life.

The branch. It is me. The one controlled by the vine, and kept alive by the vine.

The moron? Also me. The one who can’t even get into my thick skull that I can not go parading around without my life source, and think I am going to accomplish anything! Duh.

So where are you in all this? Are you keeping yourself attached to the vine? Or are you choosing to remove yourself from the very place that gives you life, nourishment, joy, peace and hope?

Don’t be that branch. It gets ugly fast, and nobody likes an ugly, dried up branch.

Be the branch that is attached to the vine.

And don’t be a moron. No one likes a moron. ๐Ÿ™‚


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