Partying like it’s 1995

So I sat at the porch today and listened to a 13-year old boy tell me about his summer. I heard about his trip to his grandparents, about his family kayaking trip and about how he and his dad like to rebuild old computers. He then proceeded to show me this “really old hard disc” and get this…”windows 95″! And then he laughed like this…hahaha!

Oh honey. You do know that my senior year of high school, I just so happened to be sitting proudly in my computer programming class ready to open the very program you are laughing at. Windows 95. Ha! I think he was expecting me to be shocked at what a hard disc looked like. I said, boy! I used to save all my homework on those bad boys!

wow. I am so old! 

A couple days ago, the guy who is doing our roof had to move the direct tv dish (that is not a plug…I can’t stand direct tv)  and ever since then we have not had any tv. Don’t worry, as soon as we dish out (no pun intended) 50 bucks they will come over to look at it. And then tonight…I hope you’re sitting down for this…Comcast is out so we have no internet! Iiiii know, right?! I mean, what are we supposed to do? Talk? Play board games? I mean what year is this? 1995? 

But really. It’s pretty funny how accustomed we get used to technology. And funny how quickly we forget what we used to have. My kids will never know how hard it used to be to “get on” the internet! And the annoyance of just logging on to your aol account when the stinking phone rings and kicks you off! Ha!

So tonight, I was planning on blogging about my day. Complete with pictures that I had taken of what our day looked like. But since I have no internet, I had to sit here on my phone and do the best I could. 

And plus…I  am just so plain exhausted from all the talking and paying attention to people I’ve been doing without internet and tv! 

I’m just gonna have to try to survive. So don’t you worry about me, I’m gonna be partying like it’s 1995. But minus the aqua net.


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