Can I ask you a favor?

I am not typically the kind of person who asks for…well, anything really.

I am the type that just takes care of things myself. Doesn’t wait for anyone to help, and would rather just not bother anyone. It’s actually not a positive quality, because I know the truth that working together is better. 

But here I am, about to ask you a favor.

You know about the youth center that Adam and I started 5 years ago. I shared my heart here in a post that I entitled, The reason I spend so much time with 12-year-olds. Sharing God’s love with teenagers gets me so excited!

porch logo

We are going on our fifth year of running this ministry and while the number of kids continues to grow, the number of volunteers continues to diminish. We have had some board members resign and some volunteers step away. We also found out that our rent is being raised by over 50%. We had no choice but to sign another year’s lease because we are NOT closing down and we can not find another space. 

I have dreams, people. Big, huge dreams. And I am in no way trying to say that I feel like giving up or that I am worn down, I am just asking for a favor. Because the dreams I have include way more than opening the youth center for 3 hours a day. We want to offer things for the entire community, not just the teenagers! We have dreams that include starting other Porch’s in surrounding towns and even in towns across the U.S! We have done the hard work and gotten the not for profit status, and we have a lot of experience from the last 5 years! I think that opening other Porch youth centers all over would be amazing, and I know there are people who have a heart for the teens in their community but just don’t know what to do about it!

People need to see the love of Christ. That is all. And this is such an easy way to show it. 

So even though I have listed some negatives of what I am feeling right now, the positives way outweigh the negatives…like it’s not even close

We have a space in the middle of town that we can open for teenagers. We have 4 volunteers (including me and Adam) who run the center. The people who are volunteering absolutely love what they do, and they are great at it. We have people who are monthly financial supporters of this ministry. We have run a teen leadership conference and are excited about next year’s! God has used The Porch to reach literally hundreds of kids, teenagers and families. And I know – With God, nothing will be impossible.  Here is the favor I am asking you:

Would you consider being a part of The Porch in some way?

Maybe it means donating snacks or drinks, or gift cards to get those items. Maybe it means volunteering to clean the center once a month. Maybe you would consider being a monthly financial supporter. Maybe you would be willing to pray specifically during the times we are open each day. Maybe you want to come and hang out with teenagers for 2 hours after school and invest in their lives. Maybe you want to bring me a coffee. ha..just joking about that one. Maybe you want to offer a class at the porch. There are so many ways you can help us, and I am trying to step away from my comfort zone and ask for help. It’s not easy! That’s for sure.

I know that when there are more of us working together, we do better.

And so. Can I ask you a favor? Would you consider joining the team at The Porch? 

I need you. I will just say it plain and simple. I need you. I need you to help this ministry grow stronger.  If you have been watching from afar, and not really sure of how you could be a part…would you make the effort today to join us? We will keep going even if you don’t, but we would love it so much more if we were working with you! Let’s do this! 



3 thoughts on “Can I ask you a favor?

  1. I will be praying for God to raise people up for you, this ministry and Him! Volunteers, snacks and drinks, financial supporters and prayer supporters. Such an awesome ministry and outreach. I know God will continue to bless this!!


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