Will I ever be happy?

The other day I was sitting in bed watching tv and I glanced down and saw my legs. Just sitting there. Minding their own business. And I thought…ugh. Why can’t my legs be smaller? It wasn’t like I really meant to think it, I hadn’t planned on thinking it, it just came into my head. And then I kept eating the ice cream. ha. It reminded me of the way we live our lives.

There is always someone smaller, someone prettier, someone richer, someone nicer, someone smarter. 

I was looking on amazon this week, and found all these things I didn’t even know I wanted! And again I thought- there is always going to be one more thing that I want! (But I really might be happier with these amazing shoes. haha!)

Contentment is a choice.  I’m not saying it’s an easy choice, but it is a choice. And it is a attainable one. Choosing to be content leads to a happier, less stressful, more peaceful life. It just does.

So the feeling of always wanting one more thing, always wanting to be able to lose just 5 more pounds, always wishing I had a little more of this and a little less of that? It is not a happy and content feeling. And it’s kind of a miserable way to live.

It is clear that we are bombarded with people and companies trying to convince us that we will never be happy until we have what they are trying to offer. But it just is not true. 

I can be happy with big or small legs. I can be happy with a full or an empty bank account. I can be happy as a smart girl or a dumb one. It’s a choice. I can’t necessarily stop the initial thought from coming into my head, but I can control what I do with it once it comes in. And tonight…I am choosing to be content.

So to answer my question of Will I ever be happy? Yes. Yes I will. And Yes I am…because I am choosing to be.

One thing I have to be happy about is my baby boy who started the 8th grade today!!  I am so incredibly proud of him! Ry is loving the fact that AJ starts 2 weeks before he does!

2014-08-26_0001 2014-08-26_0002



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