The crunchy mom vs. the non crunchy mom

If you know me at all, crunchy is not even close to the first word you would think of to describe me.

“crunchy”, for the layperson, is used to describe someone who has altered their lifestyle for environmental reasons. They love them some trader joes, the word organic is the first word their children learn to say, and they probably gag at the thought of buying produce at walmart. Well..I gag at the thought of buying produce at walmart, but you get my point.

For some people, it is a lifestyle. I mean, right down to their organic clothes. (Is that even a thing?) For other people, they just try to be a little more health conscious if they can. And then there are the people who eat red dye like it’s going out of style, have no clue that farmer’s have markets or that chickens can live a free range life …until they die.

I am actually none of the above. I have friends who fit into all the categories, although my very best friends have to at least like eating junk food, because. Well. Junk food brings people together, yo. And if you can’t sit down with me and eat a bowl of ice cream that did not come directly from an amish cow and straight into the freezer? You’re gonna have to look for a new bff. ha!  I do love me some junk food, but at the same time,  I see the importance of eating healthy, and keeping certain things out of my family’s body if possible. I have seen the effects of dye, in Riley especially, and if I can make things a little easier for him, I will. 

Ry could eat 5 bags of microwave popcorn in one sitting, if I let him, but I know it is probably the worse possible thing he could be putting in his body. And I am aware that it should not be counted on his dry-erase food pyramid as his vegetable intake for the day. But he doesn’t really have a dry-erase food pyramid, so it doesn’t matter. So…here are 3 things that I have done this week that make me so cool and crunchy. Except not at all, but you can just play along with me.

1. Microwave popcorn. 

You put 1/4 cup of popcorn kernels in a paper lunch bag. Fold it over and put it in the microwave for about a minute and a half. Melt some real butter, pour it in the bag, shake it around, add some salt and you have yourself some delish microwave popcorn. Riley is just as happy with it, and the yellow dye is left out. (Thanks to my sister Erika for this tip.)

2. Granola bars.

I found this recipe on pinterest and it’s pretty easy. I think I may have to tweak it a bit, because there is something not quite right with the flavor (in my opinion) but AJ liked them, and so we are now replacing the regular high fructose corn syrup filled granola bars with these. Which only Adam, AJ and I will eat anyways. Ry has a thing with textures and doesn’t like oats.

nh photographer 2





3. Essential oils.

I get headaches. A lot. The only thing that helps them is 6 ibuprofen at a pop. I know it’s horrible for my stomach, but compared to the debilitating pain from my head? It’s the only option for me. My sister Melanie was getting worried about all the drugs I take between my head and my back problems, so she bought me the peppermint oil and told me to try it. I have to admit, I was totally skeptical. I think everything is a scam and a money making plot. But I tried it. After I got over the skin burning, eye watering effect, it actually worked! ha! So- warning…don’t put it too close to your eyes, and don’t put too much on! But my last 2 headaches that I felt coming on, I put this on and the headache went away. Trust me when I say- this never ever happens. I also put it on my back when I was having pain before my 10 mile race …There is no stopping that pain once it hits, even ibuprofen. So I figured, if nothing else, it would keep the other runners out of my way because of the smell. 🙂 

new hampshire photographer1


So there you have it. I am not crunchy, but I can be healthy. And I still do love my crunchy mom friends….just don’t make me eat your sugar free, gluten free, taste free foods or change your baby in her all natural cloth diaper and we’ll be good.

Whether you are raising your kids with only organic food, clothes and electronics (I know that’s not a thing) or whether you are raising them completely opposite of that. We don’t need to judge, or try and coerce each other to come to the other side. Some things are worth fighting over. Organic foods? Not one of those things. 

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go polish off those granola bars I just made. What’s that you say? It defeats the whole purpose of cooking healthy when you eat the entire batch? Well…we just talked about not judging. So let’s keep this a judgment-free zone. 


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