I don’t have time for people who don’t find me hilarious.








Sometimes you find a quote that is so deep and it makes you really take into consideration every aspect of your life. Like this one by John Maxwell.

maxwell quote copy


I mean…it’s good, right? What am I preparing for? Are the things I’m doing today going to improve my life tomorrow?

But then there are times when you need a good quote for no other reason than just to laugh. To laugh out loud in a totally obnoxious way because it’s just that weird and random. And really now. Who has time to be sitting around preparing for life!? HA!

Here’s a good one for ya.


But isn’t that so true?! People! I may suddenly have a craving for ice cream at 10:30 and I will not have that taste ruined just because I brushed my teeth. 

Because at the end of the day, this next quote is what I’m talking about…



Laughter is just like medicine. It cheers you up. It uplifts you. And it makes everything seem ok. So if you are going to be friends with me? Expect to be laughing. I can’t handle the thought of going too long without laughing. I can pretty much make anything into a joke. And that’s how I want my friends to be. 

So go ahead. Find some funny quotes that make you laugh for no other reason except that you need to be laughing!



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