If only I could ctrl f everything in life

Something totally weird happened the other day.

I was skimming through a passage in my Bible trying to find a specific verse.

And. I am not making this up. For a split second, my eyes legit went to the top of the page as if I was going to be able to hit ctrl f and the word I was looking for would pop up.

Um. Too much computer time, much?

People. You can not push control and f when you are reading real live books. Did you know this?

Ya. I thought you might not know.

I was thinking of it again today went I went into my barn to try and find the battery charger for my drill. You do know I am a power tool freak, right? I have got some good stories about all of that.

But that’s for another time.

Anyways. I was thinking the same thing…wouldn’t it be nice if I could just hit ctrl f and the charger would like light up or something.

Can we be getting any lazier? Right?! I mean, how about I slow down and take an extra five minutes and just look?! Why do I think everything needs a shortcut.

How about this one…when people text with “thx” or “R U coming?”

I’m sorry. Was the thumb movement to add in the anks a little bit too much for you to handle today?

Was your day so overwhelming that you couldn’t add the a,e,y and u for the sentence?

Seriously now. Maybe we should stop making everything a shortcut!! ha!!

I have been getting so frustrated with my phone lately because it is so stinking slow. And when I say slow, I mean it takes a solid 12 seconds before a page opens. I mean seriously. Do I really have the time in my day to be waiting 12 seconds for things? Come on now.

I have things to do. And here I am, trying to find shortcuts for studying my Bible.

I don’t think it gets any worse than that.

So, I should have warned you before you wasted the last 3 minutes of your night reading this…this whole entire post has literally no point.

I just wanted to tell you how I was trying to shortcut things. And I thought it was funny.

And since we are all such good friends, I just knew you would find it funny too!

And I wish you could be all…OMG!! I just did the same thing last week! or…

NO WAY! Get a load of what I did!

But since this is non interactive, me rambling on about a totally unimportant, small aspect of my life is where this is going to have to come to an end.

So with that.

I have to go put my boys to bed. Is there a shortcut for that?

CALM DOWN!! I am joking 🙂

(but seriously. send me a private message. ha!)


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