Christopher & Karen ~ New Hampshire Wedding Photography

I have known Christopher for about 12 years.
He has become really close to my family over the years. He has had many extremely difficult trials in his life, and I have shed many tears and heart felt prayers for him over the years. I remember many times me and Adam would try and encourage him, he always managed to uplift and encourage us!
I was thrilled when he introduced us to Karen, and I had the privilege of getting to know her as well!
They make a beautiful couple and it is very clear that they are going to do great things for God together!
Their wedding was a beautiful, worshipful experience and it was such an honor to be a part of it.
Adam was a groomsman, so I had to find a fill in as my second shooter!
I had Rebekah and Bonnie help me out and they did an absolutely amazing job!
They were able to get some awesome shots throughout the day, and I am very thankful for everything they added to the day.
Here are some of my favorites from their day.

Congratulations to both of you. I could not be more happy to see you together, and I will continue to pray God’s blessings and favor over your life together.
Love you both!


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