Christmas baking and memory making

I really try not to bake a lot.
Because. see…well.
I have a problem with cookie dough.
There. I said it.
It feels so good to have it out in the open.
I could honestly sit down with a bowl of cookie dough and eat the whole entire thing.
The problem is, you don’t realize you have just eaten a dozen cookies, because you’re just getting spoonfuls!
Am I right?!?
Tell me I’m not alone!

Anyways, I decided that since it’s Christmas and all, nothing can beat a little Christmas music,

and a little quality memory making with my boys!
AJ made chocolate chip,

 And Riley made heath peanut butter cookies

And I sampled.

We should totally do this again.

One thought on “Christmas baking and memory making

  1. Love love love love. And oh my they look amazing. Baking this time of year is the best. And with those awesome boys and Christmas music? perfect!!! Just wish I was sitting at your island waiting to taste test:) xoxo


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