Rachelle Chase Family Photographer ~ Epping, NH

I love family photography.

And what I love even more is when I have the privilege of photographing friends families!
Tracy is an amazing woman.
I am so thankful that God brought her into my life.
She is fun-loving, outgoing, sweet, and just plain awesome sauce.
She is serious about raising her kids and she does it by herself while working a full time job. 
I have loved watching her grow in her relationship with God – she knows what life is all about.
She sees the importance of family, and the non-importance of possessions.
She knows how to laugh when everyone else would cry.
She knows how to be a great friend when great friends are becoming harder and harder to find!
I met her oldest son for the first time last weekend, but have known her, Madeline and Luke for four years.
You can’t help but love her kids. Luke probably gets away with more because of his adorable dimples..ha! But he is a great kid.
And Maddy is an amazing, godly, beautiful young woman who I know God is going to do incredible things through!

Tracy…it was an honor to capture your beautiful family.
I am so blessed to call you my friend.
I see many more soccer games, Bible studies on my porch, FBI classes, and millions of other memories in our future! I love you g-fry!

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