what to do with crazy boys when it rains

it’s been raining like a mad fool lately.

i mean really…it’s like constant!
summer is usually great for letting the boys get all their energy out…outside!

so we had to get a little creative.
the boys have been begging me to play monopoly with them.
ohhh charles darrow…why on earth did you decide to invent a game that has the potential to literally last for.ev.er?!

but. i did play. actually, am still playing.
just taking a little breather. ha!
hopefully there is a special reward in heaven reserved for moms who played monopoly with their kids.

i absolutely love our barn. for many reasons.
but we have been in the process of cleaning it out a little bit at a time.
i tend to get a little overwhelmed with it. 
fortunately i had a sweet friend come over yesterday and give me a little support. 
it is now clean enough for the boys to go and ride their scooters, making it a perfect rainy day activity!

a few more days of plugging away and it will be ready for a party.
let’s hope for some sun tomorrow!

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