done with latin for the year

i already wrote a post on how classical conversation saved my life.
you can read that here.
but seriously. i was not cut out to be a home school mom, i am just doing it because i feel like that is what God has called me to do.
this year.
we take it year by year, and see what happens.

tonight we got to celebrate their homeschool year with our new friends at the boys closing program.

definitely needed to play a little soccer before hand…ya know.
just to see if we can get a grass stain or two before it was time to go on stage.
oh jeepers.
gotta love being a boys mom!

the boys memorized a 162 point timeline, along with many other things… but i’m not one to brag.

my boys are super close to my parents and i love that.
my mom changed her plans just to make sure they were both available to drive 45 minutes to be there to support their boys!
so thankful for them.

 we are still trying to decide exactly which program in cc we should choose for aj for next year.
one of the boys from the challenge A group (the 12-year-old son of one of my new friends) drew this map of the world FROM MEMORY!
yes. i said from memory!
(my very own 13-year-old niece alissa can do this as well!!)

pretty amazing, huh??

so proud of these 2 little men of mine.
could riley be any cuter with his little tie?
he told me that he really likes wearing ties, and wants to start wearing them more!
i did not tell him he had to dress up, he just wanted to!

so excited to see the amazing plans God  has for these little men.


2 thoughts on “done with latin for the year

  1. Love this:) wish I could've been there! Great pictures!!! And no, Riley could not be any cuter:) love that tie!! Glad another year of CC is over!!


  2. AJ and Riley were great last night! Your family is such a blessing to our community. I didn't set out to be a homeschool mom either and I know what a hard job it can be. But it's wonderful to have my kids learning and growing right before my eyes! Being able to model the life of a disciple in front of them – showing them that “This is not what I planned, but God will bless our obedience to His will” and then reaping the blessings of His design has been my greatest joy. You model Jesus' love in so many ways and your ministry at The Porch is impacting these two precious young men for a lifetime!


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