getting my make up groove on…

so i love makeup.
i really love what it looks like. 
i’m obsessed with all the things i see on pinterest with pretty eye makeup and bright red lips.
i just don’t wear any. ever.
i mean, i wear eyeliner and mascara. 
and if i’m trying to get real fancy, i’ll throw on some eye shadow.
but i want to! actually, i want to get my make up done professionally!
in fact, it is #19 on my 101 things to do in 1001 days list
so. i met this girl tina when she did the make up for my 1940s styled shoot i did last month.
well, i actually met this girl tina in high school, but i don’t really remember a lot about high school friends. 
and what i do remember is. 
well…that is for another post at another time.
so tina.
she is like. crazy.
and i mean crazy in a good way.
she is filled with energy. smiles all the time. and laughs loudly.
i love that about her.
she is a mary kay super star. 
seriously dude. she drives a sick car that she got from mary kay! 
and she makes me want to wear make up.
so i had the chance to attend one of her weekly meetups, and watch what she does.
it was a lot of fun, and gave me some motivation in a lot of areas in my life!
here is a little bit of the night…

so i placed my order with mary kay.
and i am going to go crazy when i get to have my make up done for real!

i am about ready to be getting my make up groove on, baby!


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