Senior Model Program

Rachelle Chase Photography is looking for high school juniors to be my 2014 senior models!
If you are interested in representing rcp this coming year, please keep reading!

What is a senior model?
A senior model is someone who will represent rachelle chase photography.
Your job will be to spread the word about rcp and encourage your friends to book their senior session with me!

What does a senior model receive?
* A FREE glamour mini session.
* The chance to participate in rcp exclusive shoots throughout the year.
* One facebook profile photo. (more are earned as you get your friends to like my facebook page)
* 30 digital model rep cards featuring YOU to text, instagram, email and tweet to your friends.
* A $20.00 gift card to FOREVER21 for every referral that books with me!

What am I looking for?
* Outgoing personalities
* Students who participates in school and/or community events
* Students who are active with social media

In order to be a model for rcp, you must:
* Represent rcp exclusively
* Promote rcp on your facebook wall
* Refer your friends and pass out your rep cards

Sound fun and interesting?
I am currently accepting 2 models per high school.

oh…and by the way?
Get ready to do a lot of this…

I love to have fun, and I will be laughing.
a lot. and loudly.

Don’t miss this opportunity!
Sign up here!


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