bowling, day in boston, and an overload of pictures.

we love getting together with adam’s brother and his family from new york.

we always have an awesome time together and end up wishing that we could all live closer to each other!!
they came to visit for a few days this week. we can’t get enough of them.
we always go bowling when we visit.
not exactly sure how it all started, but it just always has to happen. 
here we are in 2010. here we are in 2011  and in 2011 again, and here we are in 2012
here we are now! in 2013!

we LOVE the pizza that the exeter bowling lanes makes! so delish!
the game was down to the wire, and uncle jimmy just barely beat riley!
then today we decided to enjoy the sunny weather and go to boston.
(as you know, i always look for an excuse to go!)
we plan everything around eating, of course!
we start with going to the td garden
and then quincy market to fisherman’s net…our favorite clam chowda place!
and then we went to mike’s pastry. duh. ok. 3000 calories later…
we went to the north end park and let the kids run around.
loved it

 such a fun time!

then we came home and made the kids pose in the same pose we made them pose in last year.
don’t feel bad for them…they live with photographers, it’s all they know. ha!
here they are last year…
and here they are this year!

and here are my 2 babies who look like grown men. oh jeez. how is this happening?!?
and there is the longest post involving only 2 days that there ever was.
we love you ny chase’s!

3 thoughts on “bowling, day in boston, and an overload of pictures.

  1. SUCH a great post!!!! Looks like such a fun time! Love all of the pictures. And I can hardly stand the cuteness of those four boys. Seriously. So cute!


  2. So blessed to see you altogether! Can feel from the pictures that you all enjoy each other SO much! Yup – jealous – big time!!!! nanna


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