oh david…you’re so fly

i love reading the psalms.
sometimes, when i am just feeling down or maybe needing something that refreshes and encourages me, i find myself flipping to the middle of my Bible.

david kept it real, yo.
i mean. for reals.

he’s all like…Godddddd, people are so mean to me! i’m doing the right thing!
then he says – let destruction come upon them!
um. say what?! is that ok to say that, dave my man?
that’s what i mean about keeping it real!
he does still say in psalm 35 (much to my convicted heart’s chagrin) that when his enemy suffers, he hurts and prays for them. ouch.

and he totally talks to himself! phew…i’m not alone! ha!
psalm 42 he is like. why am i discouraged? why am i so sad? trust in God!
then he goes…i will put my hope in God. yes…that’s what i’ll do! i will trust God!
can’t you just hear his voice crying out…WHYYYYY am i so stinking saddddd???!!!
i love how God give us real. live. people.
with emotions and feelings, just like us!

it is chock-a-bock full with reminders of God’s love.
his mercy.
his compassion.
his rewards to people who honor Him.

just amazing.
i love a guy who can just be straight with us.

it’s like a love letter straight to my heart from my Father.

dear rachelle,

i know that life is so hard. people are going to be hurtful. circumstances are going to be hard to go through. you may not have everything you want. but ya know what?
i am enough.
i will never stop loving you, and if you fix your heart on me? if you choose to hold on to me?
you will never. ever. regret it.
not ever.
possessions, relationships – even the good ones- feelings…all those things? they are temporary!
i want you to understand what your life will be like if you just trust me!!
it will be filled with joy, peace, incredible hope and contentment.
i take care of everything.
don’t forget that my Word has given you life, and my faithfulness, mercy and love will hold you tight forever.

oh, and i think He would sign it.

love you.

so if you need a to feel like you’re not alone. check out my man david.
he is a pretty cool dude.
and the way he keeps it real makes you feel like maybe.
just maybe…if he can do it? you can do it!


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