the upside to being a pack rat

i tend to be a little bit of a…how do i say…saver-of-all-things.
ok ok. you can call it a pack rat.
well, pack rat actually means someone who collects useless things.
and the things i hold on to are not useless.
at least not to me.

here is my very good reasoning for doing this.

some days it’s easy to get so caught up in the stresses of your everyday life that you can forget things that happened in the past.
things that, at the time, meant everything to you!

see…this might look like just a pile of junk to you…
but to me?
they remind me of so many things.
memories, and good times in my life.
kind of random sometimes, sure.
but still. things that make me laugh, make me smile, and sometimes make me well up a little.

a post card from one of my sunday school kids.
a reminder of a really bad day at school, and my friend brought a piece of pizza to my house to cheer me up.
a note from a girl in high school on a rough day.
a card from my grampy, who is now in heaven.
my first college id card.
coloring page from my sweet niece.
my wedding countdown.
and letters from friends telling me how much they love me.

that little dopey watch face? seems small right?
but it reminds me of the day i left for college.
leaving my little 11 and 12 year old brother and sister behind. we were all crying.
they saved up their money together and bought me a watch. i could cry right now remembering their sweet sacrifice.
letters from home from my uncle and family, college classes, and pictures of friends who i haven’t seen in years.

it doesn’t take up a lot of space.
and it makes for a fun snowy-day-activity.
i always want to be moving forward in my life.
but i still want to be able to look back and see the things that God has allowed in my life.
the people that have affected and inspired and loved me.
the silly, crazy, fun, meaningful memories.
the amazing life that God has blessed me with.

and just from the time that i have been digging through my container of *stuff*
it makes me all happy, and thankful, and smiley.

and that is the upside to being a pack rat.


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