boys basketball and berwick

those of you who know us at all know that sports is a pretty big part of our lives. those of you who know us even better than a little know that it is not even close to the biggEST part of our lives. (this post talks about that a little!)

but there is something that makes this little heart of mine just about burst when i watch my boys play ball.
it brings me back to my high school days… when i would sit in the bleachers and keep track of how many points, rebounds and steals their daddy had in his games.
i love that i can watch these little boys, who remind me so much of the man i am madly in love with, show leadership, talent, and hard work on the court.

i also love that they play for a league (integrity hoops) that takes self-control, and integrity seriously.

so…in spite of the fact that we have to drive all the ever-loving way to south berwick, maine.
twice a weekend. i could never complain.

sometimes, i hope people aren’t paying attention to me…because i just can’t stop smiling when i get to sit back and watch them play.

silly? maybe.
but some of you know exactly what i’m talking about.
because you have felt it too


2 thoughts on “boys basketball and berwick

  1. We love the second generation in action as well. SUCH a blessing to see them – healthy and happy & continuing to glorify Him in every way they can in sports! Nanna


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