a little personal…or not

i just wrote a huge long post about something i have been thinking about for a while.
it was personal.
which is not like me.

i’m honestly, truly content and happy most of the time.
but i still have feelings.
and they get hurt more than i would like to admit…and i hate that about myself.
i was going to talk about myself. my feelings and where i am at with those feelings.

then i decided i wasn’t ready.
i like being a private person. i don’t like to throw my heart out there…i think i have tried that 3 too many times, if you catch my drift! ha!

so instead of a long, deep personal post.

i am just saying that i am thankful for my family tonight.
we have been spending a lot of time at the park playing soccer together and it has been so much fun.
i love and adore being with my three boys. honestly, they make me so happy and sometimes i feel like i could just explode with happiness because of where i am in my life.
where God has brought me.
i am thankful that God has given me everything i need.
not necessarily everything i want.
but definitely everything i need.
and i am so thankful.

what are YOU thankful for tonight?


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