i have heard a lot of people say that their parents dragged them to church when they were younger.
it’s funny, because i went to church every sunday growing up, and i never once remember my parents dragging me there.
i think i know the reason why.
my parents loved going to church! (and still do!)
because they loved it so much, we would all get up on a sunday morning, get ready and excitedly go to church together! there was no dragging. there was no whining. it was just what we did.
adam grew up the same way! his parents loved going to church, and they still do as well!
this is how we have been with our boys. 
we just love our church. 
we love the singing, we love the preaching, we love the family!

i think that maybe this is why last sunday, 2 days after aj had had surgery,
our family went to church together.
but instead of it being a situation where i was “dragging my kids to church”?
aj was insisting that he wanted to go!
i told him he didn’t have to! he had just had surgery, and was still in a lot of pain – it was ok to stay home!
but he would not miss it.
and that makes this mommy so proud of her little man.
i think that all of our family feels the same way about the verse in Psalm 122 that says,
“I was glad when they said to me, let us go to the house of the Lord”
we are always glad when we can go together to church as a family.
i love these three boys more than i could ever say.
so my encouragement to you would be this…
don’t ever let your kids hear you complain about going to church.
don’t ever let your kids hear you complain about the people in your church!
in fact, don’t ever complain yourself!
be excited about getting the chance to go to church, and just watch –
your kids will pick up on that excitement and will be excited about going too!

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