soccer mom

last saturday marked the last day of soccer season for the…
get this…

8th year in a row.

no lie.
i have been bundling up my boys since they were 2 years old to play saturday morning soccer.

we’re just that committed.
both of my boys were taking throw-ins with their pacifiers in their mouths.
{insert judgmental attitude here}

but funny enough, our life is really not all about sports.
and the boys know that.
before every game, we stop and pray that we will be love and light to every person we come in contact with.
adam has coached every year, and this year i was the assistant coach.

it was funny because a few weeks ago, in the middle of a game, i said to adam
“don’t forget what we’re here for!”
and one of the kids on our team looked at me and said
“what are we here for?”
it kind of took me back, to be honest.
i didn’t really think anyone else was paying any attention to me…
i mean, they certainly didn’t pay any attention to me during practice!!

but i looked at her and said
“well, to bring glory to God!”

so this past saturday was another end to another season.

it was intense..a real nail-biter.

but we came out with a win.
ry scored three goals.
and i was a one proud mommy!

and as you can see..

adam is one. great. coach.
he loves these kids, and it definitely shows!

so proud of our little team!!


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