generations of godly men

adam and i are very blessed to both come from generations of godly people.

adam’s grandfather and uncle needed a place to stay for the night, so they stayed with us!
we only got to see them for about an hour, but it was great to see them and catch up.
what you see there,
is a grandfather who still chooses to live his life to please God.
then you see my husband, who is also choosing to life his life to please God.
then there are two little boys, who wake up every morning and read their Bibles..
trying to learn how to live their lives to please God.
they have great role models to look up to.
and i am so grateful.

2 thoughts on “generations of godly men

  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this! How awesome to come from a family like that. Grampa is so precious… thank you for spending time with him and hosting him. What a honor to spend time together! 🙂


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