the de-uh-field fa-yuh

the deerfield fair has been a family tradition ever since i was little.

this year, it was just me adam and the boys with my parents.
we sure missed the rest of the family!

i took pictures of things that would remind my sisters and brother of the stops we always make as we walk.
we always start at betsy’s donuts.
um. yes, they are enormous, and yes i finished the entire thing.
don’t judge me.

we always get a cheese steak at sam, joe and ed’s, and finish things off with pat’s apple crisp.

oh. i just realized that all i’ve talked about is food.


that’s pretty much the point. ha
found this old picture of adam and the boys at the fair probably three years ago!
the boys have changed just a little!!

 and a few others…not the greatest quality..but so fun to look at!

then we watched the flying wallendas…

and called it a day.

a great day.

already looking forward to next year.


in 2012,
i’ll have pictures of lilla, oliver, cal, and all the currier kids too –

enjoying the fair.


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