i am so in love…

with these two little boys.

first this little boy who came into my life when i was 24 years old.
i didn’t know i could ever love someone so much

someone who changed my life completely, including suddenly not sleeping at all!
somehow, i didn’t care one bit.

you see that sweet face? you wouldn’t have minded either!
that sweet, adorable little face that still brings so much joy to my life

this high-needs baby that has grown into a totally chill, and relaxed little man.
just like his daddy.
oh, i just love him so much!
then, less than 2 years later…

the little brother.
i didn’t think i could ever love someone as much as i loved aj.
but i did!

this time, i got a baby that slept through the night pretty quick.
i have to admit, i was hoping for a girl.
but now? i can not ever even imagine my life without ry.
i am a boys mommy through and through and can’t imagine it any other way!
sweet little crazy, silly, anything but chill ry.
just like his mommy

i can’t stop smiling and tearing up just looking at these pictures of my babies.

i am with them constantly.
for real.
when i am gone for a couple hours?
i miss them like crazy.

i am so incredibly thankful and blessed
God has given me and my adam these two little boys to raise up to bring glory to HIM.
they are sweet.
they are rough.
they are smart.
they are athletic.
they are godly.
they are funny.
they are perfect to me.

i am so in love.
and you can see why i would be!


3 thoughts on “i am so in love…

  1. i cant even handle these pictures!!!! they are amazing. i love these boys to pieces. loved this post…cant stop looking at all the pictures. and cant stop smiling seeing them!


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