one lucky auntie

i love being an auntie.
absolutely love it.

i just so happen to be the very lucky auntie of EIGHT nephews
and SIX nieces!

i love walking around with my camera whenever i am with them.

(i was so disappointed for many reasons, that we weren’t able to make our annual trip to florida this year! we have done it for several years in a row. but…putting 3,000.00 into a transmission kind of made the plane tickets an impossibility! i was so looking forward to taking pictures of 2 of my nieces and one of my nephews! – sorry sarah 😦  )

when melanie comes to visit, i loved holding and playing with cal as much as possible!
and he is so darn cute!

oh callen!
another little light of my life!
your auntie loves you so much!


3 thoughts on “one lucky auntie

  1. oh sis. you are too much. these pictures are amazing 🙂 but that is nothing new! being an auntie is the best!! and cals lucky to have you as an aunt 🙂


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