2 weekends ago, i got an email from my sister-in-law asking what i was doing tuesday.
now, that may not sound like an unusual question to most…

but my sister-in-law lives 7 hours away, and has 2 little boys!!

we were so so excited when they decided to make the trip to nh to visit us!
aren’t they the cutest little family?

adam and his brother get along great, and i am so lucky to have gotten such a great built-right-into-the-family-friend in bethany!
we both have 2 little boys, love photography, and love eating. – ha. and we both have a desire to raise our children to be godly young men!
she is great, and i just love her to death. we always have a great time when we are together.
we always say that even if our husbands weren’t brothers, we would still be friends.
well…except that i probably never would have met her since she lives in ny.
but you get the point.

the weather wasn’t the greatest, but we managed to figure out a way to do a bunch of indoor fun activities!

i don’t remember how the tradition all began, but every time our families see each other, we have to go bowling.

we have this little bowling alley about 15 minutes away that is totally old-school

we just love it.
the boys always have a great time

i have more pictures from the next day, but since it was also aj’s birthday…i am going to make it another post.

so thankful for the family that God has blessed me with!


2 thoughts on “backtracking

  1. Wow. . . you gave me LOTS of props on that one. Thanks, love! I love Brayden in that last picture of all the boys at the bowling alley. He is totally smitten by your children.


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