basketball overload

this is for all the aunts and uncles, grandparents and cousins who are missing out on all the basketball playing.
for the rest of you…it may be a bit much!

(the quality is terrible. but i just didn’t want to break out my big ole flash and look like an obnoxious mother. after seeing how dark they are, i think i may just swallow my pride and break it out next time!)

there is something inside my heart that could literally burst when i see the boys play basketball.
i don’t know why.
they are just so darn cute.

riley had a ridiculous behind-the-back pass that made the coach come over after and ask us where he got that one!

aj played next and did great!
he had 16 points, 15 rebounds and 2 steals.

they ended up losing by 3, but he was still really happy.

(he made both foul shots, by the way. taking after his daddy, who was quite the basketball star in his day)


2 thoughts on “basketball overload

  1. I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to Ry and to mention that on his card I put a #5 – not b'cuz I thought that was his age, but b'cuz I checked some old photos on your blog and thought his soccer uniform number was 5. I hope he didn't think I didn't know how old he is….. love to all and thanks for posting your life on your blog so that I can feel like I am a little part of it all.


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