a cheerful heart is a good medicine…

today was a little more of a relaxed school day.
we did mostly history, learning about martin luther king jr, among other things.
and we also did some crafts…the boys LOVE crafts.

aj’s masterpiece…

and ry’s masterpiece…

of course we had snack time too…

boys will be boys!!
and there is never a shortage of laughter around here…that’s for sure!


5 thoughts on “a cheerful heart is a good medicine…

  1. 🙂 this brought a smile to my face.
    i love and miss those boys so much…

    that craft thing looks so cool!

    love these pics. i am laughing looking at the last ones 🙂

    laughter sure is some good medicine.

    love you!!


  2. So I just stumbled onto your blog from who knows whos site but it was a HUGE encouragement to me the little bits that I was able to read! Thank for keeping the Lord first and the loving this life that He has allowed us to be a part of for His honor and glory. BTW we were in Camp M during some of the same years! Check jbeves.blogspot


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