Christmas pictures GALORE

we have had very full house this week…

we have: the four of us, my parents, my grandmother, my sister, her husband and their baby boy,
adam’s parents and adam’s brother, his wife and their two boys.

things have been busy and lots of fun with everyone around.

here are just a few pictures from…i think just the first day!
i have a lot more to go through!

my adorable nephew, carter

my almond-addicted brother-in-law chad (affectionately known by me as chaz…he loves it)

my adorable newest nephew, callen

a little cousin coloring time…brayden, riley and aj

my sister who is always up for play time with her boys

my mom, whose smile keeps everyone going

me, bethy and melly’s little bed time snack.
which, by the way, is definitely still on my not size 0 hips πŸ™‚

now that i feel like i was introducing my family on family feud..ha!

but i really do have some pretty amazing family (including inlaws :))

we have made some super awesome memories, and really enjoyed all our family time.
i have a lot more pictures, but will break them into more blog posts…
i like to keep you coming back πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Christmas pictures GALORE

  1. i loved this post. it made me so happy :)what a FUN time we had!!! i love all the pictures and you really know how to blog!! maybe i'll just put a link to your blog on my blog, so i wont have to make posts πŸ™‚ rotfl. love you!! and i love these pics!


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