pretty amazing…

my mom, that is.

i have had a few people lately give me compliments on my mothering. 
i only say that to say that i find it very humbling.
i mean, i am trying to be the best mom that i can be, and i am trying to please God with my life.
i also take Luke 12:48 “Everyone who has been given much, much will be required”
to mean that if i have been blessed with a godly mother, a good upbringing…then more will be required of me as a mother…
more than of someone who did not have the opportunity to grow up with a godly mother like mine.
maybe i’m taking that wrong. i don’t know.
but. i am telling you right now – my mom is amazing. my dad is too, but this particular post is about the godly mother that God blessed me with.
growing up, my mother chose to stay home. 
i know it was a choice, and not always the easiest choice. even after we were grown, she (in my eyes) is a stay at home mom.
by that, i mean that she is always available for her kids. 
that’s how i want to be for mine…not so stressed out after a long day of work that she can’t give her time and attention to us. 
she homeschooled 4 kids, while living in a 2-bedroom trailer.
she was a godly wife, choosing to put my dad first, even before us sometimes.
she never complained. 
ok. maybe not never. 
but honestly, she just managed to find the positive in things.
if i came home saying that someone from school was mean to me, she would ask what was going on in that person’s life that could be making them hurt. 
she loved (and still does) her Bible.
i remember many times having her hand me her little notebook with 1 Peter in it, so i could help her review her Bible memorization.
she loved music. she taught all 4 of us how to play the piano.
we always. always had christian music playing in the house.
she apologized a lot. 🙂 
she laughs a lot. sometimes so hard that she cries.
sometimes, we joke with my parents and say that one of the kids is their favorite.
we know it is not true, because all of us could find ways to prove that each other is the favorite.
the mother and wife that i am today is totally and completely because of the amazing and incredibly godly mom that i have.
so last week was my birthday.
i heard a knock at my door at about 8:00 am.
this is what i saw.
the thing about this was…it was not surprising. 
this is just how my mom rolls 🙂
she is always making little gestures (and in this case, big gestures) to make sure that other people feel loved.
and i did.
and i do.
and yes, there are m n m’s on my breakfast plate. 
because anytime is a good time for chocolate.
so the point of this is just to say that i feel so blessed.
i am aware that God has blessed me with much, so much is going to be required of me.
my mom lives her life to please God
so i want to live my life to please God
i am blessed that God chose to give me this amazing woman that i am so proud to call MY mom
she is the person that i love to laugh with
to pray with
to shop with
to have coffee with
to hug
to do ministry with.
she is one of my very best friends.
i can not imagine my life without her.

2 thoughts on “pretty amazing…

  1. Your mom sounds AMAZING.

    I am always surprised when I tell someone I am busy with my 12 kids, and they respond, “Yes. But, aren't 1/2 of them grown up and living on their own.” Well … yes … but I am still VERY involved in their lives (like in driving over 4,000 miles in the past couple of weeks to move 2 of them cross country in 2 different directions … just an example). 🙂

    I love the idea of taking them breakfast on their birthdays. I still have a couple of kids close by that I could bless in that way.

    I did NOT have a loving, involved mom in my life. So, I love to hear about moms like yours that are great examples for me.

    Hope your weekend was BLESSED!

    Laurel 🙂


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