it’s a leave-catching kind of day…

things have been busy. i think i said that already.
so busy that i was up at midnight last night putting groceries away, because it was literally the only time i had to do it.
today was another busy day, but we did have about an hour in between lunch and having to leave for kids club (and aj’s soccer practice)
it was 70 degrees today! just crazy for this time of year,
so i told the boys to try and catch some leaves. it was so fun to watch them giggle and run around with their heads and hands lifted up trying to get a leave to hit their hands!

they are perfect to me….

just perfect.

ry has a million different expressions…just like his mom 🙂
he always makes me laugh when he does them all for me..
i was leaving the other day to go to the store, and riley came running out after me saying..
“wait mom! i’m coming with you. whenever i’m not with you, i always wish i was”
melted my heart.

aj pretty much has the same expression all the time.
he is calm cool and collected like his dad.
he is one of the sweetest boys ever.

i am honestly almost NEVER without my boys.
and i can’t imagine life any other way!

i am one happy girl.


One thought on “it’s a leave-catching kind of day…

  1. these pictures are amazing!! i could look at them all day long!!!and i just might!! 🙂

    miss them so much. and miss you too…i wish I was never without them or you.



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