sorry to bore you…

but i have some more soccer pictures!

yesterday was a cold day…
but that did not stop nanny and grampops from coming out to the boys soccer games!!

the boys absolutely love having them there.

riley loves playing with his buddy, ryan (in the picture above).
ry scored 5 goals and ryan scored 1. they won 6-2.

then it was time for aj’s game.
our good friend zach came to watch both the boys games too.

the boys love zach, and since they have no uncles that live near them, he is a great fill-in. πŸ™‚

aj’s team was undefeated going in, so i think they were a little nervous!
aj scored the game winner, and they won 2-1.

we ended the morning with the boys getting awards, and i was thankful to be going home!

we had a big night planned with our first coffee house at The Porch (i will blog about that later)
and that ends another season of outdoor soccer.


One thought on “sorry to bore you…

  1. Great pics (not surprising), and I love getting to live vicariously though you in the boys-who-are-althetically-inclined department. Because my boys? Not so much!
    But they DO have fun trying, so that's good. heehee!


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