last day of outdoor soccer

the boys did a great job this year in soccer
(and to update from this post, both the boys made seacoast united!)

they both won this morning.
ry had 5 goals, and aj had 1…the game winner!
it was a sunny and COLD morning!

i don’t have time to add many pictures, but here is one of my 3 boys after a great day of soccer


2 thoughts on “last day of outdoor soccer

  1. Your three boys are amazing! So proud of them for using the abilities God gave them for His glory! They would not be who they are today without an incredible mom/wife providing for them, praying for them and meeting their needs. Congrats to you Rachelle Dawn! luv u!


  2. Looking at this picture accompanied by the lyrics of the amazing song you have chosen for your blog brings tears to my eyes! What an incredible family you have worked so hard to create and God's amazing love shines through for all to see.


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