just to clear up any confusion…

for those of you who thought i was just a stay at home mom who sits around watching soaps and eating bon-bons. ha.
you may not know, but…
i am a TEACHER. yep. full-time. it’s what i do. crazy, i know. since i went to college with the intent of being a piano teacher and youth leader. i guess my job title is a little bit different than i once thought it would be.

of course, i am a home-school teacher. BUT before you dismiss this entire post as if that doesn’t count, let me tell you that not only do i teach one grade, but i teach two!
now i know that is NOTHING compared to my sister who teaches 5 grades, or my bloggy friend who teaches at least a million grades, but none the less. i am a teacher.
i do real live teacher things.
we do science experiments

we have a schedule.
that must start with this for mommy…

after my Bible reading of course.

one of many perks is that i get to be with the little loves of my life all day long.
and i love everything about them.
i mean can you imagine a job where you get to look at these eyelashes every morning??

and these??

i have to make schedules, write assignments, plan projects, field trips and book reports.
i have to pretty much be right with them during every subject to explain and teach.
then i have to correct everything.
oh ya, and i have to plan snacks

can you guess whose snacks are whose?

then i have to make meals and keep the house clean and the laundry washed (my husband has been doing a lot of laundry for me lately!)

and that is just my day job! ha!

here is my book shelf (have i mentioned how much i love my curriculum?? it takes up waaay less space compared to the bazillion books i had last year)

THEN…i have to set aside an hour to do this elaborate blog complete with pictures and explanations!

ok. seriously. i am tired. i have to go to bed. gotta start another school day tomorrow.

i am so thankful.
so grateful that i live in a country where i have the privilege of training my kids to grow into the men of God that i pray they become.
i can teach them about creation, and the fallacy of evolution
i can teach them how to have a Biblical world view.

i will never take that for granted.


5 thoughts on “just to clear up any confusion…

  1. Great post!

    Not only do I teach “a million grades” … but I have taught a gifted program for several students, and a program for several students who are academically challenged. I've taught 9 years of kindergarten … and 12 years of high school … and have taught both simultaneously, with all of the other grades thrown in, too. I've taught most subject areas … even those that society says you need a “specialist” for.

    I've taught my children at home for the past 20 years, and have at least 10 years left to go. (My youngest 2 are in 3rd grade this year.) It's the best career in the world. Even though it doesn't come with a retirement plan, the benefits are AMAZING!

    So glad you are enjoying your new curriculum.


    Laurel 🙂


  2. Rachelle, I am so blessed and encouraged to read your thoughts. Thanks so much for encouraging me:) I pray God will bless you in your endeavors of motherhood and homeschooling. It is such a privelege. Love Ya, Maggie (McCoy) Roberts


  3. 🙂 you are a great teacher!! love the pictures. and love the eye lashes!! i for sure know who's snack is whose!!!!! 🙂

    cant wait to see you all tonight!!!!

    thanks for blogging!! i love it!!


  4. you are a dear homeschooling mom whose hours are not confined to 8-3…your nightime conversation about “fear” with AJ…giving him that Biblical worldview that says perfect love casts out fear.You are an inspiration to me to stick to the Word! You are the REAL Word Girl (*~*)
    I love you!


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