more of florida

we had such a great time in florida with adam’s parents, i could never blog about it long enough.
we went to the beach, watched tv, went to the beach, went mini-golfing, watched tv, went to the beach…do you see a pattern here? – RELAXATION!!

adam got the chance to play golf with his dad

which he totally loved!

we enjoyed going to the beach and actually being able to stay in the water for long periods of time!! (can’t exactly do that in hampton!)

it was great to see adam’s little sisters, and their new apartment (which we loved!) they are so sweet, and the boys love them. they took us to play mini golf (i just watched. not my sport. um. i’m pretty sure it’s not robin’s either! :))

a little more beach time on sanibel island – beautiful. and the boys loved looking at all the shells.

aj found a HUGE sand dollar

and i have more pictures, but i will save it for another post πŸ™‚


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