our vacation

we decided to go and visit my brother and his wife in pennsylvania. then we thought, why don’t we just keep going to virginia and see my sister? then on the way back stop at my other sister’s. so…that is how our vacation began.

we packed the car (including the boys bikes) and started out thursday morning at around 10. we did hit a little bit of traffic on the way to philly, but nothing too terribly bad. we were in good moods, and had no need to rush. my brother doesn’t get home from work until 10:30, so we took our time getting there.

we stopped at subway and let the boys eat outside. adam stayed in the car…he thought it looked like rain 🙂

the next day was FREEEEZING but my brother is a really good sport, and took us into the city anyways. bobbi had to work at 1, so she couldn’t come with us. i’m sure she wasn’t too upset!! haha.
we got to see the liberty bell

(portfolio babbyyy!!)

and then we went to the terminal and ate. and ate.

we had a lot of fun and i was so thankful that my brother was driving in the city…people are crazy, i tell you!!

ronnie spoiled my boys rotten, like he always does. he is so generous, and always wanting to get them whatever they want.

i have always been really close with my brother. it about broke my heart when he moved to philly 4 years ago! hopefully him and bobbi and my new niece will move a little closer some day…hint hint. (free babysitting ANYTIME bobbi!!!)


One thought on “our vacation

  1. Looks like you had a great time with Ronnie! Can't wait to see more of all of the fun! Love you guys!
    (Great job incorporating school!!! What a good teacher!)


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