i ♥ my man

adam turned 33 friday. i have been dating him or married to him for 17 of those years. i am one lucky girl.

let’s see here…the first thing i remember of adam is from when i was in kindergarten at calvary christian school. (may it rest in peace) my memory is really bad, but the story goes that me and my mom were driving home from school in our enormous van. it was in february, becuase one of my many (i would imagine…ha) valentine cards dropped on the floor by my mom’s feet. she bent down to get it, and we went off the road. as fate would have it (just kidding, i don’t really mean that. it just sounded so story-like) an adorable little blond haired, blue eyed 5-year-old boy was driving home with his mom in their enormous van. being the sweet woman that she was, the mom pulled over to see if we were ok.
alright. that’s where my memory ends for that part. pick up one year later. i am in first grade with some huge bangs. i am in the same class as this aforementioned adorable little blond haired, blue eyed boy. we had a math contest, and i was picked to go against…adam. the math-whiz. great. i remember putting my hands behind my back so i could try and count on my fingers as fast as i could. i beat him.
(adam questions that story to this day. i am sticking to it.)
ok. then i begin homeschooling from 2nd-8th grade. i see adam a few times here and there because my best friend reuben, is good friends with adam.
i then go back to calvary in 9th grade. my bangs may have been big in first grade, but that was nothing compared to what a few thousand sprays of salon selectives on my curling iron could do. hmmm….i may have even had the leftovers from a perm. and no, i will not be scanning in any of those pictures! i had a “boyfriend” (whose name i will not mention in print…to protect the innocent) and he broke-up with me over the phone and broke my little heart. my older sister still remembers the car ride home with me sobbing in the back. i honestly don’t remember that part, but i do believe her.
i then started “dating” a senior whose parting words to me the last summer i saw him were “promise me you won’t date adam chase.” i really have no idea why he said that. apparently he knew something i didn’t. anyways, we are at my sophomore year here. and my hair is still pretty big. i’m pretty sure i was wearing hi-top sneakers with velcro and had mastered the french cuff. i remember seeing adam’s mom one day after school and she said
“my son adam is pretty cute”. gotta love her. you are always gonna know what’s on her mind. i honestly love that about her.
now we are at january 24th. me and adam had started to…like each other (whatever that means to a teenager) and he had invited me over to his house for dinner after church. his dad picked me up in their wicked nice silver car (aka the silver bullet, i believe?) and i still remember that i was wearing a red plaid skirt. pretty sure it was pleated, and i probably had navy socks to match my navy shirt on top of a pair of red socks to match the skirt with sneakers. ok, i am not positive about the last part, but i really do remember the skirt!
first thing i remember his dad saying to me was “wow. that is really bright nail polish” i think i hid my fingers the rest of the day.
then adam “asked me out”. someone please explain where that terminology originated! and the rest is history.
i was a coughcheerleadercough and adam was the basketball and soccer star.

we went to college together at the world’s most exciting university. he played soccer and i did NOT make the softball team…2 years in a row.

fast forward. we got married, had 2 beautiful boys and are living happily ever after.

he doesn’t like birthday cake. every year i have to try and be creative. we’ve done jello and huge cookies, but this year i got a bunch of candy and stacked them up.

then he made a wish…

then he blew out his candles…

i know that adam’s parents prayed for a wife for adam. i feel so blessed that i was the one that God chose to answer their prayers.
i loved my man when i was 16 and barely even knew what love was.
i love my man now even more than i did then.

the end. ♥


8 thoughts on “i ♥ my man

  1. I'm laughing and crying as I read this. You have such an amazing way with words. I agree with this Cheryl person's comment that you should write a book. And, BTW, I have pictures, and I will be scanning them, and putting them on FB! Especially my favorite, you know the one with the black teeth…Love you oodles!


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