The Porch

For those of you who do not get my email update for the youth center that adam and i started, i thought i would post one. the more prayer the BETTER!! 🙂 also…if anyone is interested in getting our email updates, email me and i will add you to our list. thanks!

Keeping You Up to Date…

I am writing with many different emotions on my heart right now! I had started this email last week, and was so excited to be reporting all the great things that have happened since I last updated you! I wanted to share some amazing things that have taken place in these past few weeks. I will start there, before sharing some other news.
Just a few weeks ago, we decided to get cable and internet. Getting internet was really in faith, because we did not have any computers. However, we felt that since that was what we wanted for the future, we would just do it. We had the super bowl party and it was a HUGE success! We had 29 teenagers come in, and many of them had never been in before that night. We had great opportunities to talk to teens as well as meet some parents! We ordered pizza and a lot of people from church donated tons of snacks and drinks, which was another huge blessing. It will never get old to me to see the love and support of our church family. The following week was very encouraging as well, as we had a lot of kids come in after school each day. I will probably say this a lot, but one thing that always touches me is when kids read the Bible verses on the wall out loud. I just love it! We have John 10:10 on the first wall when you walk in, and Jeremiah 29:11 on the main wall in the game room. I have heard that a few times in the past couple of weeks, and I am always reminded that God’s Word will NEVER return void!

Last week Adam was leaving to go to The Porch and asked me to pray for the finances. Our account was lower than it had ever been. When he came home he handed me something – it was a check from a very dear friend of mine from college. She had decided to tithe her tax return to our ministry. WOW! This was so unexpected and we were reminded again of God’s complete control. On another financial note -Several months ago, Adam had the opportunity to share our vision with the Rotary Club from Raymond. He shared how we wanted to expand and have computers and printers available for the kids that came in. We never heard from them again, and figured that they had decided against helping us out. We were wrong. We received an email saying that they had decided to give us a grant to purchase 5 laptops and 2 printers! Can you even believe how huge our God is? Not that we need proof, but He amazes us over and over.

Although we know that God is in complete control, I have news that is heartbreaking. I just got word today that an 8th grade girl from Epping named Megan was in a car accident on Saturday. She passed away this morning. While this really is devastating, let me back up a little bit. When we opened the center in July, this young lady actually came in to The Porch. She was friends with a great christian girl, Cayla, who goes to our church. Cayla told me that Megan had questions about the Bible. I got a Bible, we sat out in the hallway and I shared the Gospel with her. I sensed that she wasn’t comfortable to be completely open with me, so I left her and Cayla alone. Ten minutes later, Cayla came in and announced that Megan had prayed to receive Christ! What a gift that God gave us! We will be able to comfort her friends that they don’t have to grieve as those who have no hope! We can assure her family with great confidence, based on the authority of the Word of God, that Megan is with Jesus in heaven right now! Please pray for Megan’s family. Please pray for us, that we will be able to minister to her family and be a place that teens can come looking for help with their grief!

I recently heard this quote from Arthur Blessitt. “Let your vision be no greater than the next person you meet.” Aren’t you thankful that Cayla felt that way? I know I am!
My prayer for all of us this week is that we will allow that to be our vision! No matter where we are in life right now, God can use us in the lives of the people we come in contact with. Jesus commands us in John 15 to LOVE one another. Let’s do that. You never know whose life could be changed for all eternity if we let the love of God be demonstrated through us.

Serving Jesus with Joy,
Adam, Rachelle, Glen and Maria


2 thoughts on “The Porch

  1. Oh … please share more with us. I had no idea what type off ministry you were involved in. This sounds wonderful!

    So sorry to hear of your loss … but praising God for the ministry opportunity that you have to reach out to Ashley's friends and family.




  2. Oh thank you sis!!!! Cayla says thank you too.GOD is always good!!!! I will be praying for all things needed for the porch and the kids.I was able to bring a meal over to the Crocker's last night.You can go to this web site You can post something and the family will read it.Let's all reach out Jesus to this family!!!! Love and hugs.


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