susie homemaker

ya…sometimes i am feeling it and sometimes, not so much.
well – the other day, i was feeling it. i had seen a really cute recipe for fondant covered oreo cakesters. i didn’t have any oreo cakesters (and had already gone OVER my shopping budget) so i decided to make mini whoopie pies and use the leftover fondant frosting from ry’s birthday. after i finished those (and ate 2…or 3….actually, i lost count. dang it.) i made some bread. i have the best recipe for white bread, i will have to share it on another post.
for now, didn’t these come out adorable? tasted good too!


4 thoughts on “susie homemaker

  1. cute cute cute!!! these little buggers are amazing!!! awesome job!!! i love the crystals on the side. i wouldnt mind eating one right now 🙂

    and i LOVE your white bread/rolls recipe. in fact, i think i need to get it so i can try it. OR better yet, i think you need to come here and make me a batch 😉

    love you susie!!!!


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